2024 FIFA Football Agent Exams: The Ultimate Resource List and Guide


For those that are looking to become football agents in 2024, many will be attempting to pass the FIFA Football Agent Exam. Whether you’re planning to take the exam in May or aiming for November 2024, and if you’re unsure where your preparation should begin, this blog gives you the ultimate exam guide and a valuable resource list to help you to get started and eventually succeed.

The 2024 FIFA Football Agent Exams are scheduled to take place on the 22nd of May, with an additional date in November yet to be confirmed. The application window for the May exam opened on the 9th of January 2024 and will close on the 31st of March 2024. For those considering the November exam, the 30th of September is the application deadline.

In this must-read blog, we will first provide an overview of what to expect from the 2024 FIFA Football Agent Exams. Then, we will provide you with a carefully curated list of our own and further external resources to aid you in your preparation. This guide will help you navigate the complexities of the exam and equip you with the tools you need to succeed.

Let’s continue your journey towards becoming a FIFA-licensed football agent!

The Exam

In 2023, the exam was reintroduced for the first time since it was abandoned in 2015 and aims to assess agents on their knowledge of key FIFA documents and their understanding of the agent industry and profession. These key documents are contained in 693 pages of the FIFA study materials and are as follows:

  1. FIFA Football Agent Regulations (FFAR): These are all the new regulations that have been implemented as well as those that are still relevant and applicable from previously. This covers everything from commission and representation contracts to representing youth players and exclusivity.
  2. Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (RSTP): This is the most important of FIFA documents that outlines registration of players, contractual matters, training compensation, solidarity payments, third party influence and jurisdictions.
  3. FIFA Clearing House Regulations: Explains all the regulation surrounding the use and compliance with the FIFA clearing house system.
  4. FIFA Procedural Rules Governing the Football Tribunal: All rules concerning the Football Tribunal and its three chambers; the Agents Chamber, Players’ Status Chamber, and the Dispute Resolution Chamber.
  5. FIFA Statutes: Details the legislation and general rules and regulations for the operations of FIFA.
  6. FIFA Code of Ethics: This outlines rules of conduct within football as well as the sanctions and disciplinary measures that can arise from it. It also includes the procedures and methods of adjudication in disputes.
  7. FIFA Disciplinary Code (FDC): A wider and more intricate report regarding various disciplinary sanctions and infringements from doping and assault to forgery and corruption. It also explains the various bodies and organisations involved in sanction procedures.
  8. FIFA Guardians – Child Safeguarding Toolkit: Refers to education on the protection of minors and players.

During the exam candidates will have 60 minutes to tackle a 20-question multiple choice exam composed of questions randomly generated and selected from a pool of set FIFA questions to prevent cheating and collusion. The exam is available to take in three languages; English, Spanish, and French.

In order to pass the exam, candidates must score a total of 15 correct answers (75%) which will entitle them to then take the further steps needed to receive their agent licence and conduct their services globally. If you fail to meet this score, it is possible to retake the exam at a later date and there is no limit on the number of times an individual can attempt the exam. Importantly, the exam is open book meaning that you are able to refer to the FIFA Study Materials during the assessment period.

The Essential Resources List

There will be more to come in the coming weeks and months so be sure to follow the Sports Agent Academy for more useful resources!

by Dr. Erkut Sogut & Jamie Khan

  • if you pass the exam you pay FIFA for your license which they state is worldwide. i was previously registered as an intermediary with the FA in the UK. they informed me by email i will still need to pay their annual fee in addition to the FIFA license fee to operate in the UK. is this correct?

  • Dear Friend

    First of all thank you so much for your Guide and cooperation with applicants for FIFA Agent.
    if possible please Let’s me know:
    1.How we could register for FIFA Agent examination?
    2.which documents we need for registration?
    3.How much is payment for FIFA agent Examination?
    4.where is location of agent examination?
    I mean Country .city .Plus for May and November
    thanks again
    with my Kindest Regards
    Behnam Azampanah

  • I am from Ethiopia i want to take the football player agent exam to be given by FIFA, but i was not registered please how can i register to take the exam which will given in may 2024, hopefully you will help me to register and to take the online exam.

    Abdulaziz Hassen

  • I am currently a Football Player Manager in Ghana.I want to become FIFA Football Agent. How can you help me to achieve my goal with regard to application and registration for the exam?

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