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On the 20th of September 2023, over 10,000 registered candidates will sit the second edition of the FIFA Football Agent Exam since its reintroduction earlier in the year. As part of our courses on how to pass the exam and as further guidance for How to Become a Football Agent, we have decided to create a blog which takes the form of a mock practice exam to help you prepare by testing your knowledge and answering some questions in the same style as the real thing. 

Before attempting this mock exam we’d also recommend reading our top 10 tips for passing the FIFA Football Agent Exam and applying some of these key tips such as ensuring you read the questions properly and using the process of elimination if you don’t immediately know the answer. You should also have done a substantial amount of reading of the study materials, and other learning time, particularly spent understanding the most essential topics. You will notice that the hyperlinks on some of the questions in this mock exam will link you to other useful resources on the topics being asked about. If you get stuck, these should help!

Mock Exam

  1. Female players are entitled to maternity leave during the term of their contract, paid at the equivalent of how much of their salary?
    1. ⅓ of their salary
    2. ½ of their salary 
    3. ⅔ of their salary
    4. Full salary
  2. Imagine your client is 30 years old and signs a 3 year professional contract. How long is the FIFA “Protection Period”?
    1. No protected period
    2. 1 year
    3. 2 years
    4. 3 years
  3. You are representing the “Player”. The player will earn $500,000 per year. How much is your commission?
    1. Up to $200,000 3% and everything above $200,000 is 5%
    2. Up to $200,000 5% and everything above $200,000 is 3%
    3. 5% of the total gross salary
    4. 3% of the total gross salary
  4. Training Compensation is not due in EU/EAA if the former club doesn’t offer the player a contract how many days before expiry of his current one?
    1. 15 days
    2. 30 days
    3. 60 days
    4. 90 days
  5. The supreme and legislative body of FIFA is known as what?
    1. FIFA Council
    2. FIFA Congress
    3. FIFA General Secretariat
    4. FIFA President
  6. Which one is “not” an official FIFA language?
    1. Portuguese
    2. Russian
    3. Arabic
    4. Italian
  7. According to the FIFA Disciplinary Code, what is the minimum fine that may be imposed as a disciplinary measure?
    1. CHF 100
    2. CHF 200
    3. CHF 500
    4. CHF 1,000
  8. According to the RSTP and in the absence of just cause, in which of the following circumstances may a playing contract be terminated? Select one or more.
    1. Both parties agree to end it early by mutual consent
    2. If the current club are seeking to transfer the player to a new club
    3. When the player submits a written transfer request
    4. Upon expiry of the contract
  9. Joe and Matt would not be deemed to be Connected Football Agents merely by reason of which of the following:
    1. Joe is a director and Matt is employed by the same Agency
    2. They are employed by the same agency
    3. Joe and Matt split their commission 50/50 in each transaction
    4. Joe is Matt’s nephew
  10. Which of these statements is / are incorrect? Select one or more.
    1. A player may play friendly matches for 2 or 3 clubs in a single season
    2. A player may play official matches for 3 clubs in any one season in the same national association
    3. A player is permitted to play official matches for 3 clubs in any one season only if the third club and the second club have overlapping seasons
    4. A player can only ever play official matches for 2 clubs in any one season
  11. After placing online bets on football matches, Ella received a 9-month ban from her national football association. 3 months later, she transferred clubs internationally. What happens to Ella’s ban?
    1. The new association will not have to enforce the ban
    2. The new national association will conduct their own legal proceeding to decide if the ban is appropriate to continue 
    3. It will continue to apply in the new national association only if the FIFA Disciplinary Committee rules that it has worldwide effect
    4. Ella will need to appeal the ban in order to play in the new association
  12. Which of the following natural and legal persons are not considered to be a third party in the context of third party ownership?
    1. A scout
    2. A bank owned by a friend of the player
    3. The player’s former clubs
    4. Investment funds
  13. Which bodies may pronounce sanctions on football agents as contained within the FIFA Statutes and FIFA Disciplinary Code?
    1. The Football tribunal only
    2. The Ethics Committee only
    3. The Agent Chamber only
    4. The Disciplinary Committee, the Ethics Committee and/or the Football Tribunal
  14. Who bears the burden of proof (i.e. who has to prove their case) when the provisions of the Code of Ethics are breached?
    1. The Ethics Committee 
    2. The party accused of the breach
    3. The FIFA Disciplinary Committee
    4. The burden of proof is split equally between parties
  15. A player who was previously registered as a professional with a French club is registering as a professional with an Italian club before the end of the year of their 23rd birthday. In order to receive training compensation the French club must prove that: Select one or more
    1. Although it did not offer a new contract, it can justify that it is entitled to such compensation
    2. It offered a new contract to the player at least 60 days after the end of the contract with the French club
    3. It offered a new contract to the player at least 60 days before the end of the contract with the French club of at least an equivalent value of the current contract
    4. It offered a new contract to the player at least 30 days before the end of the contract with the french club
  16. Which of the following is/are not considered a Confederation by FIFA? Select one or more.
    1. OFF
    2. OFC
    3. AFA
    4. AFC
  17. You act as the Agent of the “Selling Club” where the player is sold for €60 Million in January 2024 and the individual’s remuneration will be $1,000,000 per year for the duration of the contract. How much is the maximum Agent Commission you are entitled to receive?
    1. 5% of the transfer compensation
    2. 10% of the transfer compensation
    3. 3% of the player’s remuneration if it is over $200,000 and 10% of the transfer fee
    4. 3% of the player’s remuneration if it is over $200,000 and 5% of the transfer fee
  18. Jack is due to sign a representation contract with an agent. The agent informs him that he should consider seeking legal advice prior to completing the contract. Is this sufficient to relieve the agent of the FFAR obligations?
    1. Yes, the agent has explicitly stated that Jack should consult a lawyer
    2. No, the agent must inform him  in writing as well as vocally to consult a lawyer
    3. Yes, if he has also given this information in writing
    4. No, the agent is also responsible for obtaining written confirmation from Jack as to whether or not he did in fact seek legal advice
  19. When a training rewards trigger is identified as defined in these Regulations and in accordance with articles 20 and 21 of the RSTP, a provisional EPP for the relevant player will be generated by TMS. How long will the provisional EPP be available for inspection after generation  in TMS by all member associations (known as the inspection period)? 
    1. 7 days
    2. 10 days
    3. 14 days
    4. 30 days
  20. You negotiated for your client, the player, an annual remuneration of $600,000 per year for a contract that spans for 3 years. When will your service fee payments be due to you during the contract?
    1. Each instalment will be due every 6 months
    2. Each instalment will be due every 3 months
    3. It will be paid in one instalment each year
    4. It will be paid in one instalment upon signing and completion of the contract


  1. C
  2. B
  3. C
  4. B
  5. D
  6. A
  7. A & D
  8. D
  9. B & D
  10. C
  11. C
  12. D
  13. A
  14. A & C
  15. A & C
  16. B
  17. D
  18. B
  19. B


How did you get on?

This blog has hopefully provided you with some useful practice questions that demonstrate the style of questions and answers that FIFA will use in the exam and has perhaps highlighted key areas that you need to revisit and refine your knowledge of during your preparation for the FIFA Football Agent Exam. We would advise you to engage with as many practice questions as possible on these different documents and to ensure you have good navigation skills to be able to efficiently find each relevant section within the exam. 

For more information on how to become a football agent and to pass the FIFA exam, keep an eye out for our courses and additional resources posted on our social media platforms under the Erkut Sogut Academy



by Dr. Erkut Sogut & Jamie Khan


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