How to Pass the FIFA Football Agent Exam

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The answer to the question of how to become a football agent involves the requirement to pass the FIFA football agent exam. The next most likely question, therefore, is ‘how do you pass the FIFA football agent exam?’ In this blog we will outline once more the structure of the exam and then also explain our recommended tactics and methods of preparing for and successfully attempting the agent exam.

The Exam

Since the introduction of the new FIFA Football Agent Regulations in January 2023, there are plans to hold two annual exam sittings that all candidates must attempt in order to obtain their football agent licence. The exam has been reintroduced for the first time since it was abandoned in 2015 and aims to assess agents on their knowledge of key FIFA documents and their understanding of the agent industry and profession. These key documents are contained in 693 pages of the FIFA study materials and are as follows:

  1. FIFA Football Agent Regulations (FFAR): These are all the new regulations that have been implemented as well as those that are still relevant and applicable from previously. This covers everything from commission and representation contracts to representing youth players and exclusivity.
  2. Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (RSTP): This is the most important of FIFA documents that outlines registration of players, contractual matters, training compensation, solidarity payments, third party influence and jurisdictions.
  3. FIFA Clearing House Regulations: Explains all the regulation surrounding the use and compliance with the FIFA clearing house system.
  4. FIFA Procedural Rules Governing the Football Tribunal: All rules concerning the Football Tribunal and its three chambers; the Agents Chamber, Players’ Status Chamber, and the Dispute Resolution Chamber.
  5. FIFA Statutes: Details the legislation and general rules and regulations for the operations of FIFA.
  6. FIFA Code of Ethics: This outlines rules of conduct within football as well as the sanctions and disciplinary measures that can arise from it. It also includes the procedures and methods of adjudication in disputes.
  7. FIFA Disciplinary Code (FDC): A wider and more intricate report regarding various disciplinary sanctions and infringements from doping and assault to forgery and corruption. It also explains the various bodies and organisations involved in sanction procedures.
  8. FIFA Guardians – Child Safeguarding Toolkit: Refers to education on the protection of minors and players.

Once the examination fee has been paid and the date set, candidates will then have 60 minutes to tackle a 20-question multiple choice exam composed of questions randomly generated and selected from a pool of set FIFA questions to prevent cheating and collusion. In order to pass the exam, candidates must score a total of 15 correct answers (75%) which will entitle them to then take the further steps needed to receive their agent licence and conduct their services globally. If you fail to meet this score, it is possible to retake the exam at a later date and there is no limit on the number of times an individual can attempt the exam. The exam is open book meaning that you are able to refer to the FIFA Study Materials during the assessment period.

How to Prepare for the FIFA Football Agent Exam

Preparation for the FIFA Agent Exam is absolutely vital. It is highly unlikely that you would be able to sit the exam tomorrow without having read through the 693 pages of the FIFA Study Materials. Although the exam is open book, time constraints of 3 minutes per question means no prior knowledge would make successfully attempting the exam near impossible. 

The first stages of preparation, therefore, is to methodically work through each component of the study materials before breaking down each document individually. Making notes and highlighting key areas is highly recommended in order to train your brain and hone your understanding of the most difficult and major topics. Although this may seem a lengthy process, it will stand you in good stead if this is done thoroughly and comprehensively and makes the final stages of preparation before the exam much less stressful and demanding. We would recommend reading through the study materials as soon as possible and then whenever a convenient time arises, revisiting all or maybe just certain areas to continue to refresh your knowledge over a longer period of time. If this is done consistently and frequently enough, snippets of information and regulations will become second nature and intrinsic, making it far simpler to tackle the agent exam. We would also strongly encourage that agents continue to educate themselves and to revisit the study materials regularly even after they have passed the exam to maintain a high standard of knowledge. 

Simply reading the study materials may not always be enough for candidates to be successful in their attempt at the FIFA Agent Exam. We would also suggest exploring different options online for exam preparation courses and access to example questions. For example, FIFA themselves permit candidates to attempt a mock exam through the FIFA Agent Portal, which can be useful practice for seeing how the exam is formatted and structured and the way in which questions are asked. Beyond FIFA there are also free and paid webinars and courses available. Importantly, you should ensure that if you are going to spend money on a premium exam preparation course, it should be of high quality and provide the necessary information and services for you to benefit and can significantly improve your chances of success in the exam. The best way to check this is to assess reviews and the professional reputation of the individuals running the exam and bare in mind the format of the courses, some will involve direct interaction that allows you to ask questions and solve specific issues or concerns you have whilst others exclusively provide access to practice exam questions. 

How to Pass the FIFA Agent Exam

After all your preparation is completed and the time comes to sit the exam, it is important to have an approach that will suit you and give you the best chances of achieving the 75% pass mark. Different techniques work differently for different people but being calm and organised on the day can usually be a good foundation to start from. Arrive at the venue with plenty of time and with your study materials in order to ensure you are ready to attempt the exam. 

Once the exam has begun, try to stick to the average of 3 minutes per question but do not apply extra pressure to yourself as you may be working through mathematical calculations for training compensation for example, or struggling to find the relevant area of the FIFA Study Materials. If one question takes a little longer, do not panic as hopefully your thorough preparation over the previous months will mean that some questions you will be able to answer very efficiently and well within the time. Additionally, if you have a particularly complicated question or one that you are unsure on, often it is advisable to move past it for now and attempt the rest of the questions before revisiting it at the end when you may have more time to calmly work through and find the best answer. The worst thing to do would be to get so caught up on one question that you do not have enough time to attempt all of the others so passing and returning to a question could be a useful approach. 

We recommend applying a staged process when tackling each question. These stages vary depending on the type of question and the subject it covers but includes using common sense to eradicate some answers that simply cannot be right, then a process of elimination with the other options whilst simultaneously consulting the study materials if your prior knowledge does not immediately present you with the right answer. The final stage, if you have time, may be to refer to the study materials to double check your answer if you are not entirely confident in your own knowledge. Whilst the open book option is available and can be helpful, sometimes it is absolutely fine to trust your preparation and be confident that your learned knowledge has given you the correct answer. 

Passing the agent exam can be determined by how well you are able to navigate the FIFA Study Materials. As you are allowed the digital and paper copy of the study materials in the exam, the chances of a successful attempt are increased if you have a preexisting knowledge of where different issues are addressed within the documents. This will help you to swiftly respond to each question by locating the relevant section and using the information to select the right answer. One useful way of becoming accustomed to the location of different key topics within the study materials could be to practise with another person or alone by randomly selecting topics and then finding and memorising where the question is addressed in the documents.

There are other things to consider when actually taking the exam to increase your chances of success. Avoid being distracted by others and focus upon your own exam, remember everyone around you will be answering different questions so any attempt to collude or compare answers with neighbours is futile and will only be damaging to your own chances. Then further simple points to remember include bringing a water bottle to stay hydrated and increase concentration, switching your mobile phone off, eating beforehand, and wearing cool and comfortable clothing.


Attempting the FIFA Football Agent Exam may be a daunting and intimidating step on the ladder to becoming a licensed football agent but actually successfully passing the exam is achievable and can be straightforward if done in the right way. This blog has shown that there are two really important things to consider when tackling the exam; the preparation you put in beforehand to enhance your prior knowledge and feel confident going into the exam; and of course, approaching the exam with the right method and technique to give yourself the best chance of being successful. For more information we would recommend using the in-text links as well as considering our ‘How to Pass the Agent Exam’ Course with top Sports Lawyer, Daniel Geey.

by Dr. Erkut Sogut & Jamie Khan


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