What to Expect from the MLS 2024 Preseason Transfer Window


In the majority of the football world, the January transfer window is the shorter, often one-month long window where clubs traditionally target temporary loan deals and emergency signings to fill injury vacancies, push for a title or in an attempt to turn their season around. However, there are some markets which, due to the timing of the season, are different. 

In this blog we will focus on Major League Soccer in the United States which particularly stands out due to its unique timing and approach. The 2023 MLS season has recently concluded with the victory of Columbus Crew this weekend; however, the MLS winter transfer window for 2024 is fast approaching and rather than a single month, it is set to open at the end of January and close in April. This is because it is now the off-season for the league after an exciting year and the next season does not begin its games until late February and so, this window is the equivalent to the European summer window where clubs are willing to invest heavily in bolstering their squads before the season begins to enhance their chances of upcoming success.

Pre-Season Preparations

In this window, the unique approach to transfers and club strategies comes down to the fact that the MLS teams are gearing up for their upcoming campaign. As a pre-season window, the emphasis among the franchises is on bolstering their „rosters,“ adding fresh talent, and making strategic moves to set themselves up for success in the next MLS season. Unlike many other leagues around the world, the MLS offseason is longer, affording teams ample time to evaluate their performance from the previous season and identify areas where improvements are needed. This extended pre-season window means more time for careful planning and recruitment but also a challenging period of anticipation and uncertainty for fans eager to see the investment and recruitment of their teams.

During this unique winter transfer window, MLS clubs undergo a meticulous process of player assessment, scouting, and negotiations. They aim to secure the services of players who not only possess exceptional talent but also align with the tactical and strategic vision of the team. The goal is clear: to create a formidable squad capable of competing at the highest level and capturing that coveted MLS Cup. The MLS transfer market sees clubs strategically positioning themselves to acquire the best talent available. It’s not just about signing marquee names or ‘Designated Players’ but also about identifying rising stars and underrated gems from around the world who can make a significant impact, we will discuss this further later. The blend of experience and youth is crucial in achieving long-term success in a league that continues to evolve and become more competitive each year.

Highly Active Market

The MLS winter transfer window tends to be a lot more active compared to its European counterparts, primarily due to its unique timing giving MLS teams a significant advantage and causing different transfer strategies, as they have a more extended off-season to carefully assess their squad’s strengths and weaknesses and identify areas that need reinforcement. This is shown in the table below of the top 20 all-time record transfers during this pre-season window:

Source: Transfermarkt

The extended off-season allows MLS clubs to conduct thorough player evaluations, extensive scouting, and strategic planning for the upcoming season. It provides them with the time needed to target and pursue players who can make an immediate impact on their squads. This is a crucial aspect of the MLS transfer window, as teams aim not only to strengthen their rosters but also to address specific tactical and strategic needs. The additional time for negotiations also facilitates more in-depth discussions between clubs, agents, and players, resulting in more thoughtful acquisitions and well-considered moves that can have a lasting impact on the league’s and individual clubs’ competitiveness.

The South American Connection

One of the key characteristics of the MLS January transfer market is its affinity for South American talent. The league has firmly established itself as a prime destination for emerging football stars from the continent. MLS clubs are known for their proactive approach to scouting and recruiting top talents from countries like Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Uruguay, among others. These nations have long been known as hotbeds of footballing talent, producing some of the world’s most celebrated players.

The appeal of playing in the United States, alongside renowned players like Lionel Messi, has added a new dimension to MLS’s attractiveness for young South American prospects. The prospect of showcasing their skills in a league that continues to grow in stature and competitiveness, along with the opportunity to experience a different footballing culture, has made MLS an appealing option for those looking to make their mark on the international stage. As the league continues to nurture and develop South American talent, it not only enhances the quality of play but also solidifies its reputation as a global hub for footballing excellence.

European Influence

While South American talent is undeniably a cornerstone of MLS recruitment, the league also actively seeks out experienced players from European football circles. MLS teams recognize the value of players who have honed their skills in some of the world’s most competitive leagues. These seasoned professionals can bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and skill to their respective teams, helping elevate the standard of play in the league.

The presence of international football legends like Lionel Messi and Gonzalo Higuain in the MLS has undeniably accelerated the growth of the league and further piqued the interest of European players. These iconic figures have chosen to continue their illustrious careers in the United States, and their decision to do so speaks volumes about the league’s increasing global appeal. Their participation not only adds star power but also reinforces the notion that MLS is an attractive destination for European players looking for a fresh challenge and an opportunity to contribute to the league’s evolution. As more European players follow in the footsteps of these footballing giants, the MLS landscape continues to evolve, becoming a more diverse and competitive stage for the beautiful game.

The MLS Rumour Mill

As the 2024 MLS transfer window approaches, the rumour mill is already in full swing. With Lionel Messi’s presence continuing to draw attention, along with other big names in the league, the speculation surrounding potential transfers is heating up. One of the most intriguing rumours revolves around Messi’s former Barcelona teammate, Luis Suarez, possibly joining him in the MLS. The prospect of seeing these two legends play together again on American soil is enough to excite any football fan.

Moreover, the excitement extends beyond just Messi and Suarez. MLS fans and enthusiasts can look forward to the possibility of other exciting prospects coming to the league. The appeal of playing in one of the most competitive and growing leagues in the world is stronger than ever, making the rumours of top-tier talents making the move across the Atlantic more frequent and well-founded.


In conclusion, Major League Soccer’s 2024 winter transfer window promises to be an exciting one for the footballing world, characterised by its extended duration and strategic emphasis on bolstering rosters for the upcoming season. With a growing number of South American talents and the ever-increasing attractiveness to top European football players, the league continues to redefine itself as a global hub for both emerging prospects and seasoned professionals. As rumours swirl and anticipation builds, the 2024 MLS transfer window is set to captivate fans worldwide, offering the prospect of witnessing the fusion of international stars, rising talents, and a league that continues to evolve, further solidifying its place on the global stage of football excellence.

by Dr. Erkut Sogut & Jamie Khan

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