The Need for Creating Scouting and Monitoring System for the TFF in the European Football Market


The success of Turkish players born in Europe is a clear sign that there’s a lot of talent waiting to be discovered by the Turkish Football Federation (TFF). In this post, we’ll talk about why it’s crucial to have a good scouting and monitoring system in the European football scene. By doing this, TFF can identify and support Turkish players from Europe, improve the national team’s performance, and build a stronger bond between Turkey and the turkish community living abroad, making the football ecosystem more successful.

The Rise of Top Turkish Football Talents in the European Market and Their Impact into the Turkish Football Ecosystem / 2023

In recent years, we’ve witnessed an exciting trend in the rise of Turkish Talents. More and more young, aspiring Turkish football players are making their mark in the top European leagues, setting new standards within their respective clubs. The likes of Yunus Akgün, Bertug Yildirim and Arda Güler from very different regions in Europe are just a few examples of this rise. 

But there are more players with Turkish roots in the European Football market which have a huge effect on the Turkish football ecosystem.

When we take a closer look, we will see that most of the promising players with are in central Europe. (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) There are players like Atakan Karazor, Can Uzun, Yusuf Kabadayi, Yusuf Demir and many more in the 1. and 2. German Bundesliga. Netherlands have also developed players like the ones, Can Bozdogan, Orkun Kökcü and Ahmetcan Kaplan. Furthermore there are great Turkish talents in countries like France, Belgium, England and Denmark. These young talents are not only carving their own paths to success but are also contributing to the broader Turkish football ecosystem. Their journey isn’t just about personal success. It impacts also Turkish football as a whole, by excelling in European clubs and elevating the status of Turkish football globally. These players can act sometimes even as ambassadors for Turkey, inspiring a new generation of players to venture into the international market.

Why is This System Necessary?

Many young Turkish players born in Europe have great potential that’s not been discovered yet. If we spot their talents early, it can really help Turkish football. There are already some European-born Turkish players doing well for our country in both youth and senior national teams. But we can boost these numbers with a well-thought-out scouting and monitoring system. To make this system work, we need determination, financial support, and moral support. It’s also key to work with skilled scouts who are good at communicating. They should keep in touch with the players, their families, and their clubs, offering guidance for their growth. This way, we can better integrate these talented players into Turkish football, making our football scene more competitive internationally. This also gives the players the support and chances they need to move forward in their careers. So, setting up a scouting and monitoring system in Europe is critical for Turkish football’s future.

How to Establish the Scouting and Monitoring System?

Step 1: Setting up a Central Office: Create a main office to manage the whole system. This office will coordinate with other offices and handle the observation and monitoring tasks.

Step 2: Opening Satellite Offices in Europe: Set up other offices in key areas in Europe. These offices will communicate with TFF, start observation activities, and plan events.

Step 3: Observation System: Build a thorough observation system to find talented Turkish players in Europe. This could mean working together with local observers, clubs, and academies.

Step 4: Reporting System: Put in place a clear reporting system that gives detailed evaluations of players‘ abilities, potential, and how well they’d fit in the national team. These reports are vital for making informed decisions.

Step 5: Decision-Making: Create a method for reviewing the reports and deciding whether to include players in the national team or offer them more chances to develop.


In short, Turkish players born in Europe have shown a lot of promise, and TFF has a chance to lift up our national football scene. By opening offices in key spots in Europe, TFF can scout, support, and bring in these players, which helps both the players and Turkey’s football community. This organized approach strengthens the bond between Turkish people abroad and their home country, making a strong, globally competitive football community.

by Dr Erkut Sogut, Baris Kaader & Kaan Karazor

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