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Education, teaching and sharing knowledge is of the utmost importance to Dr. Erkut Sogut, this is why he has specialised himself in the educating and mentoring field of player agents in the football world. Dr. Sogut has his own sports-education company called Football Agent Institute and is dedicated to the education of potential player agents to help professionalise the industry. His aim is to help the next generation of football agents to become the experts of tomorrow.

He started in the football agency world and taught himself everything he knows as he did not have access to an educational forum or content. Now he is devoted to teaching interested students to become a successful football agent. As networking is vital in the world of football agents, he is using this platform to build an exclusive alumni network for the Football Agent Institute. His aim is to counteract the scepticism and negative connotations which the profession of player agent is often met with.

He also teaches internationally as a guest lecturer on sports law and the work of player agents at the Football Business Academy in Geneva and the Sheffield Hallam University in the UK. In addition, he lectures at Harvard Business & Law School, UCFB Wembley, George Washington University, University of Southern California, Copenhagen Business School, Nigeria Law School, University of Ghana, University of Bayreuth and Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.

Furthermore, he is the author of the first global book for football agents, How to become a football agent: The Guide. The book is an invaluable source of knowledge for football agents and describes how to become a football agent and be successful in the industry. It also provides exciting insights and critical advice for operating in the agent industry. After a lot of interest in the world of football and from sports enthusiasts, Dr. Sogut published a 2nd edition of the book with guest articles by Robert Pires, the brother of Pep Guardiola, the agent of Joachim Löw, and the agent of Leon Goretzka.

Additionally, Dr. Sogut has led private seminars in London (‘The World of Football Agency & Sports Law Uncovered’) and hosted the inaugural Football Agent & Business Summit in November 2019.

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