How to look after your First Client as a Football Agent


Congratulations! Signing your first client as a football agent is a monumental achievement. Now, the real work begins: ensuring that you provide the best possible service to your client. In the world of football, reputation is everything. A satisfied client can be your best advertisement, opening doors to more opportunities and helping you establish a solid footing in the industry. Hence, it is of utmost importance that the service you provide to your first client sets a very high standard with which you will continue to operate as an agent. This blog will guide you through the crucial steps to take care of your first client and emphasise the importance of prioritising their needs before seeking additional clients.

Building Trust and Establishing a Strong Relationship

  1. Understand Your Client’s Goals and Aspirations: Every player has unique career goals and aspirations, so it’s crucial to take the time to thoroughly understand what your first client wants to achieve both in the short term and long term. This involves having detailed and ongoing conversations about their career ambitions, exploring their desires for immediate opportunities and future milestones. Whether your client aims to secure a transfer to a top-tier club, earn a call-up to the national team, or negotiate lucrative endorsement deals, knowing these specifics is essential. By aligning your efforts with your client’s precise goals, you ensure that every decision made supports their personal objectives, thereby enhancing their career trajectory and maximising their potential for success.
  2. Maintain Open and Honest Communication: Communication is a vital component of a successful agent-client relationship. Start by understanding how your first client prefers to communicate, whether they like to ring frequently, text, or prefer limited updates to focus on their game. Ensure that your client feels comfortable discussing their concerns, expectations, and career objectives with you, fostering an open and honest dialogue tailored to their communication style. Regularly update them on potential opportunities, ongoing negotiations, and relevant industry news to keep them well-informed and engaged, or adjust the frequency and detail of updates based on their preferences. Transparency and availability are key to building trust and fostering a positive working relationship. Additionally, building and maintaining a trusting relationship with the player’s family is equally important. By consistently acting with the player’s and their family’s best interests at heart, you solidify a supportive network around your client, enhancing their confidence and security.
  3. Provide Comprehensive Career Management: As an agent, your role extends far beyond securing contracts. The more holistic career management by addressing various aspects of your client’s professional life that you offer, the greater the service you are able to provide to your first client. This includes managing their public image through strategic use of social media, public appearances, and community engagement, providing detailed financial planning advice for long-term security, and assisting with personal development by facilitating access to resources and mentorship. You can even help ensure they have access to top-tier training and medical facilities, coordinating with leading coaches, trainers, and healthcare professionals to maintain peak physical condition and address issues promptly. By providing this comprehensive support, you demonstrate your commitment to their overall well-being and success, enhancing their career on the pitch and ensuring personal growth and stability off the pitch, ultimately contributing to a well-rounded and fulfilling career and improving the services you provide as an agent.

Scope of Agent Services

As a football agent, our primary focus is to secure the best possible footballing opportunities for our clients. When representing our first client, it is a great chance to learn on the job but also one which is particularly important as getting the first football deal right can begin to create your reputation as an agent who benefits your clients’ careers. 

This starts with mastering the art of negotiation. Agents must ensure that every contract they negotiate for their first client not only includes a competitive salary but also encompasses bonuses, appearance fees, and other incentives. Understanding the market value and leveraging an extensive network allows agents to advocate effectively for the clients‘ best interests.

Managing transfers with precision is another crucial aspect of agent services. Transfers are significant moments in a player’s career, and agents handle the process meticulously by coordinating with clubs, legal advisors, and other relevant parties. Agents must ensure all documentation is accurate and timely, while also considering the player’s personal and professional needs to facilitate a smooth transition. Your first client will really appreciate the level of detail you pay to all aspects of their career and your time and dedication will be recognised and rewarded in the form of a growing positive reputation.

In addition to on-pitch success, agents can also help our clients enhance their public image and secure endorsement opportunities. The scope for off-the-pitch endorsements depends on the calibre of the first talent you are working with and their interests and potential in these areas. Often this may not be applicable to your very first client, unless you are particularly lucky! Nevertheless, helping your first client with building a strong personal brand through social media, public appearances, and community involvement can attract lucrative endorsement deals in the future and is worthwhile to show the diverse areas you can add value to their career. Ensure that if the opportunities do arise, you should only collaborate with brands that align with your client’s values and career goals before negotiating contracts that offer favourable terms and long-term benefits.

While off-the-pitch opportunities are valuable, make sure you appreciate that often your first client will prioritise their playing situations. Therefore, you should strive to balance these aspects, ensuring that your client receives the best footballing opportunities as a result of your dedicated work. By providing comprehensive support both on and off the pitch, you can hugely benefit your client in achieving their career aspirations.

Prioritise Your First Client Before Expanding

  1. Deliver The Best Agent Service: Before considering signing additional clients, prioritise delivering exceptional service to your first client. Take the time to understand their unique needs and preferences, and establish yourself as a reliable and dedicated agent who goes above and beyond to meet these needs. This means being proactive in managing their career, staying ahead of potential opportunities, addressing any concerns promptly, and providing personalised support in all aspects of their professional life. By ensuring that your first client receives top-tier service, you lay a strong foundation for your reputation in the industry, showcasing your commitment and ability to deliver results.
  2. Client Satisfaction Benefits: A well-served first client can be your best advocate, acting as a testament to your skills and dedication. Positive word-of-mouth from a satisfied client can lead to referrals and new opportunities, crucial in the football industry, where reputation is paramount. The trust and satisfaction of your first client can significantly impact your career growth, as their success stories and endorsements help attract and retain new clients. Often your client will share their positive experiences with peers, coaches, and other industry contacts, enhancing your reputation and expanding your network. This builds credibility and visibility, leading to introductions to promising players, invitations to key events, and increased interest from potential future clients. The best part about this is that it is a reward of providing great agent services to your first client and organic growth based on the reputation you build for yourself.
  3. Build a Reputation-Based Network: Football is a reputation-based industry, and building a strong network of contacts is essential for long-term success. Focus on establishing relationships with scouts, coaches, other agents, and key industry stakeholders who respect your professionalism and dedication. Attend industry events, engage in continuous learning, and contribute positively to the community to enhance your visibility and credibility. A strong network can provide valuable insights, opportunities, and support as you grow your career, helping you to stay informed about industry trends and best practices while opening doors to new client prospects and collaborations.

Continuous Education 

The football industry is dynamic and ever-changing, making it essential to stay informed about the latest trends, regulations, and market developments. When you are representing your first client, you should continue to attend industry events, read relevant publications, and engage with fellow professionals to continuously expand your knowledge and expertise. Remember as well that as your client’s career progresses, their needs and goals may also evolve, requiring flexibility and adaptability in your strategies. As an agent you should regularly reassess your client’s situation and adjust your approach accordingly to ensure continued success.


Hopefully, this blog has shown you that although signing your first client is an exciting milestone, it is just the beginning. From that point forward, it is crucial to provide your client with the best possible service, as this will inevitably determine your future success and growth as an agent. By ensuring your stick to certain basic principles including understanding your client’s goals, maintaining open communication, and offering comprehensive career management, you will set a high standard that builds trust and satisfaction. This strong foundation not only enhances your client’s career but also establishes your reputation, leading to referrals and new opportunities in the competitive football industry. 

Good luck!


by Dr. Erkut Sogut & Jamie Khan

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