The Argentina Decision on the FIFA Football Agent Regulations

Latest Developments in the Legal Battle Over FIFA Football Agent Regulations

On May 28, 2024, the Civil Court of Buenos Aires made a significant ruling in the ongoing legal disputes surrounding the FIFA Football Agents Regulations (FAR). This decision came in response to a request for provisional measures filed by a group of Argentinian agents who challenged several provisions of the FAR.

Key Ruling

The court ordered the suspension of specific provisions of the FAR with respect to the claimants. The court’s decision is based on the preliminary finding that these provisions prima facie infringe upon rights recognized by the Argentinian Constitution. Additionally, the court expressed concerns that the FAR provisions in question could undermine fair competition among national agents.


This ruling is a crucial development in the broader context of global football governance and the regulation of football agents. The decision highlights the ongoing tension between FIFA’s regulatory framework and national legal systems, particularly regarding the balance between international standards and local legal protections.


The FAR, implemented by FIFA, aims to standardize the operations and conduct of football agents worldwide. However, these regulations have faced opposition from various national agent associations and individual agents who argue that the rules impose unfair restrictions and infringe upon their legal rights.

Next Steps

The suspension of these FAR provisions will remain in effect for the claimants until a final decision is made on the merits of the case. This means that, for now, the affected Argentinian agents will not be subject to the contested regulations. This provisional measure could potentially influence similar legal actions in other jurisdictions, as football agents globally continue to scrutinize and challenge the FAR.

Broader Impact

This decision by the Buenos Aires Civil Court underscores the ongoing legal complexities and the potential for further judicial interventions in different countries. As the case progresses, it will be closely watched by stakeholders within the football industry, including agents, clubs, and regulatory bodies, for its implications on the future enforcement of FIFA’s regulations.

In conclusion, the Buenos Aires court’s suspension of certain FAR provisions marks a pivotal moment in the legal contestation of FIFA’s agent regulations, reflecting broader concerns about constitutional rights and fair competition in the football industry.

von Dr. Erkut Sogut und Luis Kircher

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