FIFA Football Agent Exam Mock Test Practice Questions (part 10)


On the 22nd of May 2024, the next cohort of candidates will sit the third edition of the FIFA Football Agent Exam since its reintroduction in 2023. As part of our courses on how to pass the exam and as further guidance for How to Become a Football Agent, we have decided to create several blogs which take the form of mock practice exams to help you prepare by testing your knowledge and answering some questions in the same style as the real thing. 

Before attempting this mock exam we’d also recommend reading our top 10 tips for passing the FIFA Football Agent Exam and applying some of these key tips such as ensuring you read the questions properly and using the process of elimination if you don’t immediately know the answer. You should also have done a substantial amount of reading of the study materials, and other learning time, particularly spent understanding the most essential topics. You will notice that the hyperlinks on some of the questions in this mock exam will link you to other useful resources on the topics being asked about. If you get stuck, these should help!

Mock Exam

  1. Any two consecutive transfers, national or international, of the same player within how many weeks is called a „Bridge Transfer“? Select One. 
    1. a. 12 weeks
    2. b. 14 weeks 
    3. c. 16 weeks
    4. d. 18 weeks
  2. A FIFA ID (unique identifier) is not given to a: Select One.
    1. a. Club
    2. b. Player
    3. c. Coach
    4. D. Football agent 
  3. The Electronic Player Passport must provide all registration information for all players from the age of: Select One.
    1. a. 10
    2. b. 12
    3. c. 16
    4. d. 18
  4. The “Protected Period” for contracts signed prior to the 28th Birthday of the Professional is: Select One.
    1. a. 1 year
    2. b. 2 year
    3. c. 3 years
    4. d. 4 years
  5. Which ones are not “Official Games”? Select One.
    1. a. Cup Games & Trial Matches
    2. B. Championship & Friendly Games
    3. c. Friendly & Trial Matches
    4. d. Cup Games & Friendly Games
  6. A Football Coach has the right to terminate his contract with just cause if the club doesn’t pay him for at least: Select One.
    1. a. Two monthly salaries
    2. b. Three monthly salaries
    3. c. Four monthly salaries
    4. d. Six monthly salaries
  7. Which of the following is not considered to be a third party in the context of “Third Party Ownership”? Select One.
    1. a. A scout
    2. b. A bank
    3. c. Investment fund
    4. d. Player’s former club
  8. Approaches by Agents to minors will not be permitted until how many months before the player can sign their first professional contract? Select One.
    1. a. 3 months
    2. b. 6 months
    3. c. 9 months
    4. d. 12 months
  9. Can a Football Agent license be transferred to another individual? Select One.
    1. A. Yes
    2. b. Only to family members
    3. c. Only to business partners
    4. d. No
  10. Can a Football Agent voluntarily suspend their licence? Select One.
    1. a. No
    2. b. Yes
    3. c. Only within the EU
    4. d. Only in South America
  11. Does a Football Agent have to take out professional liability insurance to obtain or hold a licence? Select One.
    1. a. No
    2. b. Yes
    3. c. Only in the EU
    4. d. Only in CONCACAF
  12. How many times can the FIFA Agent Exam be attempted? Select One.
    1. a. Unlimited number of times
    2. b. 1 time only
    3. c. 2 times only
    4. d. 3 times only
  13. Will the FIFA Agent Exam include any questions related to the national Football Agent regulations of the member association hosting the exam? Select One.
    1. a. Yes
    2. b. Yes, but only in EU
    3. c. Yes, but only in USA
    4. d. No
  14. Can a citizen of a foreign country pass the FIFA Agent Exam in an association of a different country? Select One.
    1. a. Yes
    2. b. No
    3. c. Only within the EU
    4. d. Only in South America
  15. Can an individual convicted of a criminal charge connected with corruption in a court of first instance apply for a FIFA Agent Licence? Select One.
    1. a. Yes
    2. b. Yes, but only in the EU 
    3. c. Yes, but only in the USA
    4. d. No
  16. Is there an educational requirement to be a FIFA Agent? Select One.
    1. a. Yes, you need a Bachelor Degree
    2. b. Yes, you need a Master’s
    3. c. Yes, you need a PhD
    4. d. No, no educational requirements
  17. The annual “FIFA Agent Licence Fee” to be paid to FIFA is: Select One.
    1. a. $500
    2. b. $600
    3. c. $800
    4. d. $1000
  18. Can an employee or official of FIFA become a licensed Football Agent? Select One.
    1. a. Yes
    2. b. No
    3. c. Only in the EU
    4. d. Only in the US
  19. A “Connected Football” Agent is any Football Agent that is connected to a: Select One.
    1. a. Football Player 
    2. b. Football Club
    3. c. Football Agent
    4. d. Football Coach
  20. The cumulative total of both „Registration Periods“ in Football may not exceed: Select One.
    1. a. 10 weeks
    2. b. 12 weeks
    3. C. 14 weeks
    4. d. 16 weeks


  1. C
  2. C
  3. B
  4. C
  5. C
  6. A
  7. D
  8. B
  9. D
  10. A
  11. A
  12. D
  13. A
  14. D
  15. D
  16. B
  17. B
  18. C
  19. D


How did you get on?

This blog has hopefully provided you with some useful practice questions that demonstrate the style of questions and answers that FIFA will use in the exam and has perhaps highlighted key areas that you need to revisit and refine your knowledge of during your preparation for the FIFA Football Agent Exam. We would advise you to engage with as many practice questions as possible on these different documents and to ensure you have good navigation skills to be able to efficiently find each relevant section within the exam. 

For more information on how to become a football agent and to pass the FIFA exam, keep an eye out for our courses and additional resources posted on our social media platforms under the Sports Agent Academy. 


by Dr. Erkut Sogut & Jamie Khan


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