FIFA Football Agent Exam Mock Test Practice Questions (part 9)


On the 22nd of May 2024, the next cohort of candidates will sit the third edition of the FIFA Football Agent Exam since its reintroduction in 2023. As part of our courses on how to pass the exam and as further guidance for How to Become a Football Agent, we have decided to create several blogs which take the form of mock practice exams to help you prepare by testing your knowledge and answering some questions in the same style as the real thing. 

Before attempting this mock exam we’d also recommend reading our top 10 tips for passing the FIFA Football Agent Exam and applying some of these key tips such as ensuring you read the questions properly and using the process of elimination if you don’t immediately know the answer. You should also have done a substantial amount of reading of the study materials, and other learning time, particularly spent understanding the most essential topics. You will notice that the hyperlinks on some of the questions in this mock exam will link you to other useful resources on the topics being asked about. If you get stuck, these should help!

Mock Exam

  1. In a pending case before the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber, the Chamber decided that the player, Romeo, is entitled to compensation for breach of contract since the club failed to pay his Remuneration and he therefore terminated the contract. In the meantime, Romeo signed a new contract with a different club. To what is Romeo entitled in addition to the compensation in accordance with article 17 of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players? Select one:
    1. a. Moral damages
    2. b. Reimbursement of his legal costs 
    3. c. No additional entitlements
    4. d. Additional compensation


2. Two clubs from Italy, FC Leaning Tower and FC Colosseum, have identified Layla from New Zealand as a potential addition to their squads as she has been one of the best players in the Australian league over the past few years and her current professional contract is expiring in 3 months. After doing additional research, officials from FC Leaning Tower and FC Colosseum discovered that her football agent is Michael, a Japanese football agent they know very well and who is available to work with both clubs. Michael receives two e-mails from his contacts in Italy and immediately realises that there is quite a lot of interest for Layla’s services and that he might secure a service fee if he is also representing AFC Kiwi, Layla’s current club. After entering into an exclusive Representation Agreement with AFC Kiwi to represent the club in all transfers for the next six years, Michael makes offers to both FC Leaning Tower and FC Colosseum to facilitate the transfer of Layla from New Zealand to Italy. However, Layla is worried that Michael’s idea will not work, despite her agreeing to everything in writing. What seems to be the problem? Select one or more:

    1. a. Michael may not represent both Layla and AFC Kiwi
    2. b. Layla does not have any opportunity to represent herself as Michael has Representation Agreements with both her and AFC Kiwi
    3. c. Michael has friendly connections with officials from both FC Leaning Tower and FC Colosseum, putting him in a conflict of interest situation
    4. Michael has a representation agreement with AFC Kiwi for a period which is longer than the maximum length of a Representation Agreement allowed by FIFA 


3. A club has transferred a player who is a minor in violation of article 19 of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players. Which FIFA body is competent to hear the case and impose possible sanctions on the club? Select one:

    1. a. The Court of Arbitration for Sport
    2. b. The FIFA Football Tribunal 
    3. c. The FIFA Ethics Committee
    4. d. The FIFA Disciplinary Committee


4. Based on which amount is a solidarity contribution calculated? Select one:

    1. a. The player’s salary
    2. b. The player’s market value
    3. c. Any transfer fee paid from one club to another club
    4. d. All payments made as part of a transfer, including club-to-player/agent payments


5. What are the maximum procedural costs that may be imposed on a player, coach, Football Agent or match agent in disputes before the Football Tribunal? Select one:

    1. a. USD 25,000 
    2. b. None, since such procedures are free of charge 
    3. c. USD 10,000
    4. d. USD 5,000


6. Which of the following activities constitute Football Agent Services? Select one or more:

    1. a. Organising trials with clubs
    2. b. Negotiating with a coach for a Client to be called up to their respective representative team for the FIFA World Cup™
    3. c. Negotiating the termination of a professional contract
    4. d. Representing clients before the Football Tribunal


7. The FIFA World Cup™ is approaching and Lewis really wants to represent his national team of Pearania, which has qualified for the first time. However, Lewis is 23 and plays in another country, Banania. He is not very well known in Pearani. A local Football Agent from Pearania, Lennox, finds out that the Pearania national team is looking for a player like Lewis to complete their squad. Lennox makes an Approach to Lewis and offers an exclusive six-month Representation Agreement under which he will secure Lewis a place in Pearania’s FIFA World Cup team in exchange for 3% of the playing bonus received from the Pearania Football Association. Should Lewis enter into such a Representation Agreement? Select one:

    1. a. No, because Lennox would not be providing Football Agent Services
    2. b. No, because Lewis and Lennox are domiciled in different countries
    3. c. Yes, because the FIFA Football Agent Regulations apply to all matters related to the FIFA World Cup
    4. d. Yes, because 3% is within the service fee cap established by the FIFA Football Agent Regulations


8. If a player who is a minor is offered a professional contract by a foreign club, when may they be represented by a Football Agent? Select one:

    1. a. Immediately, and no consent from legal guardians is required as a professional contract has already been offered
    2. b. Once the player reaches the age of 18, as it is an international transfer
    3. c. Immediately, if their legal guardians agree to Approach and co-sign the Representation Agreement and the Football Agent has successfully completed the CPD course on minors
    4. d. Once the player reaches the age which is six months younger than the age at which they may sign their first professional contract in the country in which they are domiciled


9. Training compensation is not due if: Select one or more:

    1. a. a player terminates their contract with their former club without just cause
    2. b. a player’s former club terminates their contract without just cause
    3. c. a player is transferred during the calendar year of their 24th birthday
    4. d. a player registers with a training category IV club


10. If a player fails to comply with a financial (or non-financial) decision issued by a competent decision-making body within the relevant association, which body is competent to enforce that decision? Select one or more:

    1. a. The association of the body that has issued the decision
    2. b. The FIFA Disciplinary Committee
    3. c. The player’s new association if the player has, in the meantime, registered with a club affiliated to another association
    4. d. The Court of Arbitration for Sport


11. Does a contractual clause stipulating a sell-on fee breach article 18bis of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players? Select one:

    1. a. No, contractual clauses with sell-on fees could never lead to a breach of article 18bis of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players
    2. b. Only when such a clause imposes an obligation on the counter club that limits the counter club’s independence in employment and transfer-related matters
    3. c. Yes, contractual clauses with sell-on fees always constitute a breach of article 18bis of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players 
    4. d. Yes, sell-on fees are not admissible by FIFA


12. A player elbows a match official after a match at the FIFA U-20 World Cup™. Which of the following statements are correct? Select one or more:

    1. a. The player’s national association will be jointly liable for any fine imposed on the player
    2. b. The player will receive a more severe sanction for assaulting a match official than for assaulting an opponent
    3. c. The assault may only result in a sanction if the player is sent off by the referee
    4. d. The player will be suspended for at least 15 matches or an appropriate period of time


13. Does the prohibition on bridge transfers apply to loans? Select one:

    1. a. Yes, article 5bis of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players applies to both loans and permanent transfers
    2. b. No, article 5bis of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players refers to permanent transfers only
    3. c. Yes, but only if the loan takes place at national level
    4. d. Yes, but only if the loan takes place within 16 weeks from a player’s last match as a professional


14. When an Engaging Entity is paying the service fee on behalf of an Individual, which of the following conditions apply? Select one or more:

    1. a. The negotiated annual Remuneration must be above USD 200,000
    2. b. The Individual must be a minor
    3. c. The Individual and Engaging Entity must agree
    4. d. The service fee must not be deducted from an Individual’s Remuneration


15. After being notified of failing a First Compliance Assessment, how long does the relevant party have before the FIFA general secretariat will submit the transaction back to the FIFA Clearing House for a Second Compliance Assessment? Select one:

    1. a. One year
    2. b. One month 
    3. c. Six months
    4. d. Three months


16. a player receives only 70% of their salary and 100% of their conditional payments, how much of the agreed service fee needs to be paid to the player’s Football Agent? Select one:

    1. a. 100% of the total service fee
    2. b. 85% of the total service fee
    3. c. 70% of the total service fee
    4. d. 70% calculated based on the salary and 100% calculated based on the conditional payments


17. What sanctions may be imposed on a training club if it fails the FIFA Clearing House’s First Compliance Assessment in relation to an Allocation Statement? Select one or more:

    1. a. A forfeiture of training rewards
    2. b. A reprimand
    3. c. A ban on registering new players
    4. d. A fine


18. Can a player be sanctioned for a violation of article 5bis of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (RSTP)? Select one or more:

    1. a. Yes, but only amateur players
    2. b. Yes, but only professional players, since amateur players are not expected to respect FIFA regulations
    3. c. No, since article 5bis of the RSTP applies to clubs only
    4. d. Yes


19. In relation to which of the following may a Football Agent not charge a service fee? Select one or more:

    1. a. The club’s conditional bonus after their former player won a continental competition 
    2. b. The player’s loyalty bonus after 12 months
    3. c. The player’s performance bonus after ten goals
    4. d. The club’s sell-on fee


20. What is considered to be an Approach to a player? Select one or more:

    1. a. An e-mail to a player
    2. b. A message on social media
    3. C. A meeting with a player’s brother
    4. d. An e-mail to a player’s club about a potential transfer of a different player


  1. D
  2. A
  3. D
  4. C
  5. B
  6. A & C
  7. A
  8. C
  9. B,C,D
  10. A & C
  11. A,B,D
  12. A
  13. C & D
  14. C
  15. D
  16. B & D
  17. D
  18. D
  19. A,B,C


How did you get on?

This blog has hopefully provided you with some useful practice questions that demonstrate the style of questions and answers that FIFA will use in the exam and has perhaps highlighted key areas that you need to revisit and refine your knowledge of during your preparation for the FIFA Football Agent Exam. We would advise you to engage with as many practice questions as possible on these different documents and to ensure you have good navigation skills to be able to efficiently find each relevant section within the exam. 

For more information on how to become a football agent and to pass the FIFA exam, keep an eye out for our courses and additional resources posted on our social media platforms under the Sports Agent Academy. 


by Dr. Erkut Sogut & Jamie Khan


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