FIFA Football Agent Exam Mock Test Practice Questions (part 7)


On the 22nd of May 2024, the next cohort of candidates will sit the third edition of the FIFA Football Agent Exam since its reintroduction in 2023. As part of our courses on how to pass the exam and as further guidance for How to Become a Football Agent, we have decided to create several blogs which take the form of mock practice exams to help you prepare by testing your knowledge and answering some questions in the same style as the real thing. 

Before attempting this mock exam we’d also recommend reading our top 10 tips for passing the FIFA Football Agent Exam and applying some of these key tips such as ensuring you read the questions properly and using the process of elimination if you don’t immediately know the answer. You should also have done a substantial amount of reading of the study materials, and other learning time, particularly spent understanding the most essential topics. You will notice that the hyperlinks on some of the questions in this mock exam will link you to other useful resources on the topics being asked about. If you get stuck, these should help!

Mock Exam

  1. What constitutes just cause for terminating a professional player’s contract? Select one or more:
    1. a. A club unlawfully failing to pay a player at least two monthly salaries on their due dates
    2. b. Delayed payment of an amount equal to at least one month
    3. c. Any reassuring conduct of a party aiming at fostering contractual stability
    4. d. Any abusive conduct of a party aiming at forcing the counterparty to terminate or change the terms of the contract 


2. When a Football Agent negotiates a fixed-term employment contract for a coach for the last five months of a season, when is the service fee due? Select one.

    1. a. At the end of the season
    2. b. After four months
    3. c. At a date stipulated in the representation agreement
    4. d. After 3 months 


3. Which parties could be sanctioned by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee for being involved in a bridge transfer? Select one or more:

    1. a. Only clubs 
    2. b. Any party subject to the FIFA Statutes and regulations involved in a bridge transfer
    3. c. Only players
    4. d. Clubs and players


4. Could a player be considered a third party in the context of article 18ter of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (RSTP)? Select one:

    1. a. Yes, a player is always considered a third party
    2. b. No, a player is never considered a third party 
    3. c. Yes, but only in the context of another player’s transfer
    4. d. No, article 18ter of the RSTP does not apply to players


5. In relation to which of the following may a Football Agent not charge a service fee? Select one or more: 

    1. a. The club’s conditional bonus after their former player won a continental competition
    2. b. The player’s loyalty bonus after 12 months
    3. c. The player’s performance bonus after ten goals
    4. d. The club’s sell-on fee


6. When is the approval of the Football Tribunal needed for the registration of a minor player? Select one:

    1. a. For the international transfer of a minor player within the European Union 
    2. b. For the first registration of a minor player that is a national of the country where the association at which the player wishes to register is domiciled
    3. c. For all international transfers of a minor player, regardless of their age 
    4. d. Only when the move of the player’s parents is Laked to football


7, In which currencies can an Allocation Statement be generated? Select one:

    1. a. EUR, USD and GBP only
    2. b. EUR only
    3. c. Any currency
    4. d. EUR and USD only 


8. Top Tier FC are a professional club known for recruiting top talent from around the world. They would like to sign Isabella and have provided her with a contract stipulating the following: „The validity of this contract is strictly subject to a successful medical examination and the granting of a work permit.“ Which of the following apply? Select one or more:

    1. a. The whole contract would be considered null and void
    2. b. The contract would be valid and binding regardless of the results of the medical examination
    3. c. The contract would remain valid regardless of the results medical examination, but the player would be required to obtain a work permit in order for the contract to be valid
    4. d. The clause would be considered null and void


9. Which of the following statements are correct with respect to the reports of the match officials (i.e. the referee and the match commissioner)? Select one or more: 

    1. a. No disciplinary action may be taken against a player if the relevant incident is not presented in one of these reports
    2. b. All of the answers listed
    3. c. All facts presented in these reports are presumed to be accurate
    4. d. Both the referee and the match commissioner need to report the same incident in order for such incidents to be subject to disciplinary proceedings


10. A player who was previously registered as a professional with a French club is registering as a professional with an Italian club before the end of the year of their 23rd birthday. In order to receive training compensation, the French club must prove that: Select one or more: 

    1. a. it offered a new contract to the player at least 60 days after the end of the contract with the French club 
    2. b. it offered a new contract to the player at least 60 days before the end of the contract with the French club of at least an equivalent value of the current contract 
    3. c. it offered a new contract to the player at least 30 days before the end of the contract with the French club 
    4. d. although it did not offer a new contract, it can justify that it is entitled to such compensation


11. Rambo is a new Football Agent from Belgium who was contacted by Terry, the father of a 12-year-old named Lionel, who is currently playing in Ghana. Terry would like Rambo to represent Lionel and get him an employment contract in Belgium, a country which has recently won the FIFA World Cup and is very well known for its development of young players. In his e-mail, Terry mentions that Rambo would be paid EUR €100,000 if he managed to secure a trial and contract for Lionel in one of Belgium’s top clubs. After checking the relevant regulations of Belgium, Rambo establishes that a professional contract in Belgium may only be signed at the age of 16 and that all Football Agents representing minors must have a national certificate for child safeguarding. What may Rambo do to represent Lionel? Select one or more:

    1. a. Complete the FIFA CPD for representation of minors 
    2. b. Represent Lionel for trials but not for contract negotiations and charge EUR €50,000 
    3. c. Nothing, Lionel is too young to be represented in Belgium 
    4. d. Complete Belgium’s national certificate for child safeguarding


12. What is considered to be an Approach to a player? Select one or more:

    1. a. An e-mail to a player
    2. b. A message on social media
    3. c. A meeting with a player’s brother 
    4. d. An e-mail to a player’s club about a potential transfer of a different player


13. Outside the EU/EEA, the final calendar year of training may occur before the calendar year of the player’s 21st birthday if: Select one or more: 

    1. a. it is established that the player terminated their academic education
    2. b. the player has obtained a recognised coaching diploma 
    3. c. it is established that the player no longer attends training sessions 
    4. d. it is established that the player completed their training before that time


14. A few days before a match, you are approached by an individual who, knowing that you are a certain goalkeeper’s Football Agent, proposes that you order that goalkeeper to concede goals so as to lose the match by a predetermined score. In addition, the individual gives you a large sum of money as an advance payment. Select the relevant steps to be taken. Select one or more: 

    1. a. You take the money, but do not inform the goalkeeper, so the manipulation cannot take place 
    2. b. You take the money, pass on the instructions to the goalkeeper and hand over the full amount
    3. c. You immediately and voluntarily report the facts to FIFA
    4. d. You immediately refuse the offer and return the money 


15. Youth FC is a small club with the primary goal of training young talents and is based in a region that has historically suffered financial and social problems. This makes it very difficult for the club to have the financial resources needed to operate its academy. Players FC is an established club that is always looking for new talents from other countries and has identified Youth as a potential partner. As part of their strategic objective, Players would offer Youth the possibility to get financial support in exchange for a specific service, i.e. Youth would have to offer a first professional contract to all young talents selected by Players, regardless of whether the selected players are already at Youth or not. After signing their first professional contracts, Youth would have to transfer such players to Players without delay for free. In exchange, Players would pay Youth a monthly fee that would allow them to maintain their academy training centre and continue developing players. Is such an arrangement permitted under FIFA’s regulations? Select one: 

    1. a. Neither Youth nor Players should verify if such a scheme is in line with the FIFA regulations, because this falls under the responsibility of their respective associations.
    2. b. This conduct is prohibited by article 5bis of the RSTP. 
    3. c. This is a genuine and regular practice and any football agent should advise amateur clubs to get involved in such practices. 
    4. d. FIFA accepts this practice because it would give financial stability to Youth, which provides football training to young players in an unstable region.


16. Lupin is a 14-year-old footballer from Nigeria who would like to become a professional. His father always had big dreams of becoming very rich. He contacted someone online who claimed to be a Football Agent with good contacts with European clubs. Lupin’s father was so excited that he paid this individual USD $10,000 without seeing any documentation or accreditation in return for the promise of taking his son to a European club. Lupin argued with his father as he did not want to go because his club advised him not to trust this person who seemed to be a fake agent. However, his father forced him to go. What seems to be the father’s priority in this case? Select one:

    1. a. Lupin’s younger brothers‘ wellbeing
    2. b. His dream of becoming rich
    3. c. The future of his son as an elite footballer
    4. d. Lupin’s wellbeing


17. Which of the following clauses are permitted in an exclusive Representation Agreement? Select one or more: 

    1. a. Permission for the Client to pay USD 190,000 to represent themselves 
    2. b. A requirement for the Client to pay the service fee for a negotiated contract even after the expiry of a Representation Agreement 
    3. c. Details of the nature of the Football Agent Services to be provided 
    4. d. A requirement for the Client to pay all representation-related expenses to a Football Agent


18. Based on which amount is a solidarity contribution calculated? Select one: 

    1. a. All payments made as part of a transfer, including club-to-player/agent payments
    2. b. The player’s market value
    3. c. Any transfer fee paid from one club to another club
    4. d. The player’s salary


19. May a player enter into an agreement by means of which they are entitled to a percentage of the transfer fee paid for a future transfer? Select one: 

    1. a. Yes, and the player may then assign this right to their Football Agent 
    2. b. No, because this is a third-party ownership agreement which is prohibited by article 18ter of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players
    3. c. Yes, as long as this percentage refers to a transfer fee paid for a future transfer of the player entering the agreement 
    4. d. Yes, even if the agreement refers to the transfer fee paid for a future transfer of other players


20. What are the maximum procedural costs that may be imposed on a player, coach, Football Agent or match agent in disputes before the Football Tribunal? Select one:

    1. a. None, since such procedures are free of charge
    2. b. USD $25,000
    3. c. USD $10,000
    4. d. USD $5,000


  1. A & D
  2. A
  3. B & D
  4. C
  5. D
  6. A
  7. A
  8. B & D
  9. C
  10. B & D
  11. A,B,C
  12. D
  13. C & D
  14. B
  15. B
  16. B,C,D
  17. C
  18. C
  19. A


How did you get on?

This blog has hopefully provided you with some useful practice questions that demonstrate the style of questions and answers that FIFA will use in the exam and has perhaps highlighted key areas that you need to revisit and refine your knowledge of during your preparation for the FIFA Football Agent Exam. We would advise you to engage with as many practice questions as possible on these different documents and to ensure you have good navigation skills to be able to efficiently find each relevant section within the exam. 

For more information on how to become a football agent and to pass the FIFA exam, keep an eye out for our courses and additional resources posted on our social media platforms under the Sports Agent Academy. 


by Dr. Erkut Sogut & Jamie Khan

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  • For question 3, does option B ‚Any party subject to the FIFA Statutes and regulations involved in a bridge transfer‘ not include option D?

    Why should you need to select both B and D if B includes D? This is confusing?

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